The Basic Strategies of Blackjack

The blackjack strategy has always been created by statisticians and computers to improve the chances of a player against the house. A computer has made out millions of hands that could be to the player’s advantage. The concept is based on that strategic analysis. It helps make the player decide to split, double up or get the 3:2 odds of paying for blackjack. One fact is, the dealer will have a 35% chance to bust when his or her cards are 3-6. So if you have a card that totals 13-16, you should just stand. This is because both you and the dealer have a great chance of busting. You also have the option of not hitting and the dealer always needs to hit. If the dealer holds a hand from 7-10 or an ace, you should always hit. This is because there is a great chance that the dealer’s face-down card will be a 10. There are however rule variables that can change the percentage advantage of casinos and have an effect on a basic strategy to be used. These include the number of decks used, will the dealer stand on a soft (ace & 6), how many times are you allowed to split hands, what cards are doubling down allowed, what is doubling allowed after the pairs have been split up, are you also allowed to either surrender early or late.

  • Winning blackjack is not all luck, skill is involved. Knowing basic strategy can reduce the edge of the house against you.
  • The basic set of blackjack rules applies to all blackjack games. The general strategy of blackjack should be: stand on 17 or better, hit on 12-16 when the dealer has shown 7 or higher, and double down on 9 when the dealer has shown 6 or lower.
  • The double-down strategy includes: double down when you have 11 unless the dealer has an ace. Double down on 10 when the dealer has shown 9 or lower. Double down on a 9 when the dealer has shown 6 or lower.
  • The strategies for soft hands are: always stand on soft 19 or 20. Always double down when you have soft 13-18 when the dealer has shown 4, 5, or 6.
  • The strategies for blackjack splitting include the following: Never split your hands if they are aces or 8’s. Also never split face cards that are 10 and never split the 5’s. Finally, split the 3’s and 2’s if the dealer has shown 4-7.
  • Just knowing these basic strategies can help you move on to the more complex ones. Knowing them can help out a lot to beat the odds against you made by the house.

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