Blackjack has a storied history and has become one of the most popular casino games worldwide. In this page, we will provide an overview of Blackjack’s roots and will familiarise players with some of the best blackjack online casinos and strategies used by masters of the game mandatory reading for those looking to improve their chances of long-term success.

The Origins of Blackjack

There are a few different theories concerning Blackjack’s origins. Some suggest that the French casinos were the Blackjack pioneers, paving the way for the game’s introduction in the 1700s. Before that, the Romans were known to be keen gamblers. But since the advent of the internet in the 1990s, the game has exploded into the public conscience. All over the world, vast amounts of money are exchanged on hands-on casino tables and also online. From its humble beginnings, Blackjack’s rise has been extraordinary.

The rules of Blackjack are simple, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a master. A game is played between a player and the card dealer. The dealer and player are initially dealt two cards each, with the player’s aim being to rack up more points than the dealer, without exceeding 21 doing so will see the player go bust. All cards count for their face value, and the face cards count for 10 each.

An Ace counts for either 1 or 11, depending on the circumstance at hand. The dealer will act after the player. They’ve got to hit on 16 or less and stand on 17 through 21. Players win if their hand total is higher than the dealer’s hand, or if they have 21 or less whenever the dealer busts. Standing on a hard hand when you are 15 may be deemed too safe. Standing on a soft hand could improve your chances of beating the dealer, given that the Ace can occupy one of two values. In the next section, we’ll delve into the mathematical logic that underpins effective Blackjack tactics.

Online blackjack betting systems

The Rules of Martingale, for example, revolve around doubling your bet. But there is a level of risk associated with this system. Players who lose their initial stake have to double their bet in order to recoup their losses. Long streaks of consecutive losses for the Martingale player can be disheartening. On average, there’ll be one sequence of 10 losing hands in a row in roughly every 692 sequences of 10 hands.

But some Blackjack betting models can hinder players. While there are parallels with the Martingale system, insofar as players seek to break even or win a small profit, there are also differences. There is always a house advantage in Blackjack, but players wouldn’t have to reach the limit online before they try to recover previous losses. Another system is one that can come in handy particularly for novices. After every win, you bet one unit more than the previous bet, with the aim being to win one unit for each series of bets.

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