Introduction to the High-Low Card Counting Strategy


The Hi-Lo Count is the maximum broadly written approximately, and in my judgment, the maximum normally used card counting strategy. The High-Low became first brought in 1963 with the aid of using Harvey Dubner1. It has seen that been mentioned with the aid of using pretty much all of the most important blackjack writers. In my opinion, the fine introductory remedy is in Professional Blackjack with the aid of using Stanford Wong, and the maximum particular insurance is in Blackjack Attack with the aid of using Don Schlesinger.

How it Works

Following is a quick rationalization of a way to use the Hi-Lo.

Step 2: Start with a “Running Count” of 0 at the beginning of the deck/shoe. As playing cards are revealed, maintain including or subtracting from the Running Count, in line with the factor device in step 1. For example, if the primary ten playing cards to pop out of the shoe had been 3, 5, K, 7, Q, A, 8, 5, four, 2, then the jogging depend might be 1 +1 -1 +0 -1 -1 +0 +1 +1 +1 = +2.

Step 3: Divide the jogging depend with the aid of using the number of decks remaining, to get what’s called the “True Count.” This is the component that starts countering hate. You don’t want to be exact. A difficult estimate will do, in my opinion. Let`s examine an example. The jogging depend is +7 and there are approximately four decks left. The proper depend might be 7/four = 1.75. Round that as much as 2, to maintain it simple. The extra you play the extra you’ll be snugly eyeballing this adjustment, without doing any actual department on your head. Usually, the proper play is obvious. In borderline instances simplest will you want to try this True Count conversion.

Step four: The more the proper depend, the extra you need to wager. This is wherein card counting turns into extra artwork than science. Some blackjack books supply inflexible guidelines on how this needs to be done. However, online casino managers have studied those books too, and the styles encouraged in advance books now prompt purple flags. How you try this needs to rely on your personal style, and what sort of warmth you’re getting. It enables keeping away from warmth to maintain the ratio of most wager to minimal wager to a limit, called the? Bet Spread? Only growing bets after a win, simplest lowering after a loss, and staying identical after a push, makes the play appearance extra natural, however at a value to profitability.

Step 5: For a few hands, you’ll play in line with the True Count and a desk of “Index Numbers,” instead of a simple strategy. The more the depend, the extra willing you’ll be to stand, double, split, take insurance, and surrender. For example, the Index Number for a participant is 15 in opposition to a provider 10 is +four. In this manner, the participant needs to stand if the True Count is +four or higher, in any other case hit.

The following tables are called the “Illustrious 18” and “Fab four” respectively.2 They seem in a Blackjack Attack with the aid of using Don Schlesinger and are republished right here with permission.

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