Famous Casino Bonus

If you’ve ever spent any time in a live casino, you probably know about comps. Comps are rewards that casinos offer customers in order to keep those customers playing at their casino rather than someone else’s. The online casino bonus works exactly the same way.

Playing Online Casino Games with the Online Casino Bonus

Just as with a live casino comp, an online casino bonus is an incentive for you to start playing and continue playing at a particular online casino. Since online casinos have no physical amenities to offer, casino bonuses come in the form of extra money added to your account. How much extra money depends on the size of the bonus you find and the size of your deposit.

Getting an Online Casino Bonus

You get an online casino bonus by finding a bonus code. These simple codes are found in the same places you would discover on an online casino website. Go online and search for online casinos and you should be able to find some bonus codes. For instance, to find your casino bonus code, one of the most highly-rated and most trustworthy online casinos, just browse the web, there should be no difficulty in finding the bonus code you need.

Remember that there are different bonuses for different situations. The most popular bonus is the sign-up bonus that you get for getting started on a new site. Other bonuses include the referral bonus for getting someone else on the site and the loyalty bonus for continuing to play on the site.

Using an Online Casino Bonus Once you’ve got your bonus code, simply put in the code at the same time that you make your deposit. Try to find a high match bonus that offers around 100 percent of your deposit in additional funds. You should make as large a deposit as the casino will allow you to get a bonus to maximize your benefit. Once you’ve made the deposit with the code, all you have to do is meet a wagering requirement by betting a certain multiple of the bonus, deposit, or both. Once that’s done, the bonus is yours.

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