Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a great casino game based on the popular 5-card stud poker game. The difference is that Caribbean Options has progressive jackpots. Also, this type of stud poker is actually played on tables similar to blackjack tables. Secondly, in Caribbean Stud Poker, all players are against the dealer instead of player versus player.

The first thing to do when playing this game converts your money into chips according to the amount on the table. The table shows 3 specific betting locations. First, there is a box labeled ‘Bet’, a box labeled ‘Ante’, and his third box which is progressive his jackpot drop his slot. Start by placing an ante or chip in the ante box according to the rules of the table. You can also bet on progressive jackpot drop slots if you want. If you choose to make this bet, a red light will come on when the chip is placed.

Next, the dealer reveals the last one of his five playing cards to the player. Of course, each player is dealt 5 cards. If you have all 5, you want to look them up, but don’t say anything and don’t want to show your cards to other players. You have to decide whether to If he chooses to continue playing, a bet equal to twice his ante is placed in his ante box. However, if you have a bad card, fold it and place the card face down on the table.

Dealer collects ante from other players who choose to fold. At that point, your card will be revealed. In Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer is qualified as Ace/King or better. Also, Progressive As long as he has a hand that qualifies for the jackpot and you place your bet in this box at the start of the game, the dealer will turn over your hand and you win. Note that if the dealer does not have a qualifying hand for that game, that hand is over. As a result, the ante call is even and the bet call is returned.

Another thing to consider in a game of Caribbean Stud Poker is that if the dealer qualifies with a better hand than the player, at that point the player loses all bets. If the player has a better hand than the dealer.

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