Blackjack Card Counting

The objective of any card counting system is to keep track of the ratio of good to bad cards left in the shoe. Tens and Aces are good for the player and the rest of the 2-9 are bad. There is no need to know how many of a particular card is left; it doesn’t matter to us if the cards left in the shoe are Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, or Tens and it would be far too difficult to keep track of that anyway.

So what you have to do as a player is assigned a value of -1 to the good cards and the value of +1 to the good cards. That way, when a good card is dealt you deduct 1, and when a bad card is dealt you add one. That is all you have to do! As long as you can add and subtract the number 1 in your head you can count cards.

You then use this count to increase your bet when the shoe is full of good cards and lower your bet when it is full of bad cards. That is really all there is to card counting in Online Blackjack. But there are variations of course where slightly different values are given to the cards. Here are a few card counting systems.

Many people think that card counting is illegal but it isn’t. As long as you only use your brain and not some type of technical device to help you it is perfectly legal. That doesn’t mean casino-like card counters and if they find one they will be asked to leave. The days of taking the card counter out in the back ally and introducing Baseball bat are long gone.

The reason casinos don’t like card counters is that, if performed correctly together with the perfect blackjack strategy, a player can actually get the edge over the casino. It isn’t easy, however; if you want to make money by playing blackjack and counting cards you must practice. A lot!

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