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By | July 26, 2021

You have probably, in one context or another, come across video poker before. It simply explains the slot machines at the land based casinos where you can play poker. But today there is also video poker online, via online casinos. In video poker, unlike in regular poker live or online you do not play against other players, but against the dealer himself. Video poker is a quick and easy game, if you like action and good flow during the game. You must of course have knowledge of your odds and this you weigh up against the total experience and entertainment. The choice is always up to you. The regular poker hands are valid in video poker as well, and form the basis of your decisions and whether or not you win when you play.

Video poker is casino based, and the game is much easier than regular poker. But it can be a great addition to your traditional poker game. Our recommended poker sites that also offer video poker. We have a strong focus on good bonuses and game selection.The goal in video poker is simple you should get the best poker hand possible. Your hand displayed on the screen should have as high a score as possible then the payout is also the best. To play video poker go to the video poker section of your poker or gaming site. Load the game. Press draw / deal and be dealt your five cards that are digitally dealt from the software.Choose which of the five cards you want to keep. If you already have a clear hand that pays well for example a series, a suit or a full house you take care of all the cards. Then press the draw / deal button again and have your card exchanged.

Then your hand is ready, and you get the table which can also be found under the tab payment / info which shows what you get paid. If nothing happens you have lost and the game moves on to the next deal / draw. Of course, there are many versions of video poker that are adapted to mobile devices and tablets. The development has progressed at full speed, and the experience has become much better. In a few years we can expect an even better gaming experience if possible. Online video poker is based on the well known 5 card draw poker variant. You have definitely played 5 card draw poker before, either with friends, with family or online. Although the game is smaller than texas hold’em, it has maintained its popularity. This is because it is very easy to play and learn 5 card draw poker, because the game only has two betting rounds and one switch.

Jacks or better or deuces wild are the most popular games when playing video poker online. You can find these variations on most poker sites. Unlike regular slot machines, you can even out the odds by always making the right mathematical decision making process. Plus, you can play and swap multiple hands while repeating your optimally chosen decisions. Be sure to look at the payout information before embarking on online video poker. These are always readily available if the poker site or gaming site uses reputable video poker providers. Unlike physical slot machines, the payout should always be significantly better at a reputable online casino.

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