Top 5 Tips to Winning at Online Slots

By | October 23, 2018

Playing free slots online is something that many people find to be a fun and exciting challenge. What a lot of these players don’t realize, however, is that they are selling themselves short and missing out on some of the biggest winnings possible by not knowing the five simple casino tips to winning at free slots and even pay slots online. Just in case you happen to fall into that unfortunate category, we have listed all of the tips you need to know to excel at online slot machines right here.

1. Play as Many Coins as Possible

Lots of people just play a few coins at a time when they’re enjoying the slots. This is an easy way, however, to miss out on the chance to win. It’s simple really, but the more coins you play, the more you enable the play line, and thus the higher your chances of winning. Remember that when you don’t play the maximum number of coins available to you, all you are really doing is making the jackpot- a jackpot that someone else is much more likely to win that you- bigger for the next person that comes along. Don’t waste your time; play big for yourself!

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Jackpot

Observant players of online slots often notice trends in the virtual machines they frequent. A common trend is for jackpots to be awarded once they reach a set level. By paying attention to a few (or more!) specific slots, noting at what level they usually tend to blow, and then checking up on them regularly and playing when they start getting close, you can greatly increase your earnings.

3. Refuse the Wins

It might sound counter intuitive, but refusing wins’ equals big earnings for many players. The trick is to play a shot machine until you win but then to keep right on gambling the money from that win instead of keeping it. If you keep playing, it is very likely that your slot will eventually pay up with a jackpot win.

4. Pump it Up

A lot of players have found that if they put lots of money into a slot machine all at once, they can pump out the funds and hit a jackpot. This doesn’t always work, but it’s tried and true on many online slots.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

It might sound simplistic, but it’s true: the more you play, the better you’ll get, and the better you get, the more you’ll win. Stick to the online slots, watch for patterns, and try different strategies to find what works for you and, of course, what makes you the richest.

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