Stop Loss in Poker Casino

By | January 30, 2021

Stop loss in poker is a concept that means stopping the game to assess risks and analyze your moves. If a player begins to lose a bankroll during the game, then it must be stopped for a while. There are certain moments after which it is necessary to stop the game. But on the other hand, this is a rather individual moment and each player has the right to set it for himself. First, you need to understand the general concept of a stop loss. What is the purpose of using stop loss when playing poker casino game.

To prevent falling into tilt. Tilt is not always a consequence of a big loss. This can be the result of a win or just some related events. In order not to lose concentration and maintain your mental state. To stop and think about what actions lead to mistakes in poker and loss of bankroll. Poker always needs to be analyzed, calculated and felt. If you need a little more time to collect your thoughts, take it yourself. The bankroll will thank you. What types of stop losses are there there are two types of stop losses in poker casino gaming.

Session stop loss in this case, the casino player terminates the current session, takes a break and returns to play when ready. Most often it takes several hours to get back in shape. Stop loss for a day in terms of time, the daily stop loss approximately corresponds to two session ones. When this stop-loss occurs, the player must leave the game for a day, or even two. This is important if a big pot was lost and you need to analyze everything more thoroughly and calm down. After all, a calm state, self-confidence and play are important aspects of a successful game.

Stop-loss size to determine the size of your stop loss, consider the following points bank size. Most often, the stop loss is about 10% of the bank. For example, if the bankroll is then the maximum stop loss is $ 50. If you see that you have reached the set size, stop the game and think carefully about everything. Emotional stability. If you are confident in yourself and know that small losses will not unsettle you, then feel free to continue the game. However, if, after losing three stacks, you notice a nervous state and a loss of concentration, take a stop loss equal to those three stacks.

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