Slot Machine Bonuses

By | October 26, 2018

What’s the best part of playing at an online casino? Well, aside from the always excellent online casino games ranging from slots, blackjack, video poker, and much more. They are more than generous with the money that is given simply for joining a site and making a deposit. This is especially important when you are playing slot machines online as well. Whether you are playing standard slot machines, or 3d slots, you’ll find that the bonuses can make a huge difference when playing. The key reason for this is that they help you overcome and of the down swings that come with playing any online casino, or online poker game. Now the real question is, what should we look for in a US online slots bonus?

Bonus Size

What could be more important than the size of the bonus offered right? Many online casinos will offer different things, and a lot of it will depend on how big their actual online casino is. The larger the casino, the larger the bonus will typically be. You can find that some bonuses may be $100, and other could be up to as high as $10,000, for high rollers. These bonuses are normally first deposit bonuses, which means that the site will only match your bonus up to that amount on whatever your first deposit is. So if they match up to $500, you can deposit as much as $500 and have it matched! Now, remember that if you only deposit $200, that your bonus will only be $200 (if it is only a 100% match, which we’ll cover below).

Bonus Clearance

This is one thing that is overlooked by many online gamblers at online casinos. While some sites will offer bonuses that are massive, they may clear much slower than the bonuses that are around $100 or $200. The thing about those bonuses that are up to $10,000, is that it won’t matter much about how large they are, if it is going to take you forever to clear them and get the full bonus into your account. The whole idea behind free money is to collect on that money to help out your bankroll!

Bonus Match Percentage

It’s always nice to see a bonus of $1,000 with a 100% match, but remember that a $600 bonus with a 200% match is more money! Many online casinos do it differently than their opponents, so some will make it so that their dollar value is higher, with a lower match percentage; while the other ones will put a higher match percentage, with a lower amount (which actually ends up being higher). It can all be a bit confusing, but what it really comes down to, is that you should definitely pay attention to the bonus match percentage before making any final decisions about the online casino that you choose to sign up with!

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