Positive blackjack strategy

By | May 27, 2021

For a positive betting system in blackjack, we increase the bet after a win. The more we win, the more we can increase our efforts. If we lose, we simply fall back to our original effort. The concept behind this is that we try to ride the wave of luck and maximize the amount we can win on the hand we play. How much we raise depends on which strategy you use, which there are a number to choose from. Two popular strategies are Parlay and the 1326 system. The betting strategy Parlay is about leaving their winnings on the table. If your first bet was and you win  your next bet. In a similar way, you continue until you lose and then you start again where your first bet.

Parlay may seem simple, but it is very aggressive. A loss is enough to get rid of everything you have won, which will take you back to square one. With the 1326 system , your bets change over time . The first bet is  the next, the third and the fourth bet. This spreads the risks slightly because you do not risk everything you have won with each bet. More about these two betting systems comes further down. When it comes to positive betting as a concept, this will be the concept we would recommend most players to test, especially if you are a new player. You need to be disciplined for the positive strategy and you need to be prepared to lose all your winnings at once, but it is easier to follow than the negative one. As long as you stick to your predetermined budget, you can win big with a little luck.

It is difficult to say which is the better strategy because both have some advantages and disadvantages. If you have a large enough gaming budget, we would say that the negative method is better because your chances of winning are good, as long as you can continue. However, if you are a beginner at the game or if you have a limited budget, we would think that the positive betting strategy would be the better choice. It limits the amount you need to use as a bet to stay in the game, which means that a smaller budget works best here. That being said, a single loss is enough to wipe out all your winnings.

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