Poker Casino Sets with Chip Branding

By | January 30, 2021

The poker casino market never ceases to amaze with a large assortment of merchandise. Chips, dice, cards and more. If you are a casino owner or just like to spend an evening playing poker casino with friends, you just need to get a poker casino kit and even a few. You can buy both standard poker casino sets and branded ones for your company. Who buys branded poker casino merchandise poker casinos. For a gift to the chef or friend. The set can be a great present for any occasion. For personal use only. And let it not be regarded as narcissism, but personalized sets are very solid.

Agree, it’s much more interesting to play poker casino when you see your company logo, organization name or even a friend’s photo on the chips. Agree, cool this is probably why branded poker casino sets are often ordered as a gift to friends. An excellent solid gift for a man who is fond of gambling. Well, if you are the owner of a poker casino, then you simply cannot do without branded sets. This way you can always be sure that the player did not bring chips with him and does not play them at the table.

How to order branding of poker casino sets and chips casino game has been producing branded merchandise for many years. To order a set, you need to go through a few simple steps. Select a plastic blank for the future chip. You need to choose from the assortment available on our website, taking into account the weight and size you need. Decide on the color. We have a fairly wide selection. Calculate the required number of chips. Better to order a little with a margin, because poker casino chips can be lost.

Provide us with a mock-up of the picture or inscription that you want to place on the chips. It can be a name, logo, picture, coat of arms. Anything, if it is of value to you and the desire to show in the game. After discussing the details, our designer creates for you a layout of the future chip. Make adjustments if necessary so that you definitely like the layout and do not raise doubts. If everything suits you, the order is given to work. And you will also protect yourself from marked chips or bones with an offset center of gravity.

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