Online Slots – Spin For Jackpot Millions

By | October 25, 2018

Online casino slots may be all about good luck and only a small degree of skill but there’s still an array of logical tips which can help you maximise your fun, game-time and potentially your chances of bigger, more regular payouts…

Spin with Level Stakes

If you’re into playing slots with a random, ‘who dares’ attitude? then you ‘could’ be the next lucky gamer to win a progressive jackpot million! However, unless it’s your lucky day? lower level rewards are more realistic. If you’re looking for a game where you pick numbers at random, then you’re probably best sticking to live roulette. If that’s the case, then it’s highly advisable to play slots with levels spin values; instantly preventing the useless strategy of chasing slot losses, while ensuring you don’t hit bad luck with bug stakes, and good luck gaming with pennies. For example, imagine striking a 2000-coin jackpot with 0.10, when in the last session you hit nothing while gaming with 10.00 stakes!

Activate Multi-pay Lines

Imagine spinning the reels and watching the jackpot icons light up the progressive jackpot only to discover that you only activated a few pay lines and missed out on the big hit! This is the reality of slot gaming, so it’s advisable to check how many coins are needed to trigger the max payout levels and pay lines! Essentially, calculate your max spin value, and divide it by the number of coins permitted. It’s considered advantageous to game with every line activated with a low coin value, then to play one or two coins and miss out on a winning combo. With time, you can build a bank roll that permits the bigger coin values, in combination with multi-coin gaming. Seeing as some slot machines payout hundreds of thousand or even millions you do not want to miss out on a once in a life time winning combo!

Spin with Profit Loss and Profit Targets

Slot gaming can be volatile with sessions ranging from cool spins where you can’t help but hit winning combos to the frustrating times when you want to hit the machine! However, by playing with logic and a cool head you can make sure you lock-in the wins and chill out to take the losses like a winner! Simply put set yourself a sensible slot win and loss level meaning the point when you should cut your losses for the day, or quit because you’ve made a small fortune!

Spin Regularly

Every slot gamer will hit hot and cold sessions but if you only game randomly, you might miss out on the good sessions, and just hit the poor spin cycles! The solution is to set a monthly budget, and split the budget into numerous sessions such as 50 spins per day. When you play in the long-term this is the best way to locate your share of the payout action.

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