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By | August 6, 2019

Keno is an exciting game that looks a lot like a lottery ticket. In fact, lottery games were conceived in Keno, which originated in China and was introduced in the United States in the late 1800s. The game has apparently developed a Chinese Cheung Heung in the year 187 BC. Keno came to It is played the most in the world immediately after the Lotto. This is a bit funny, because the Internet offers much better odds working games. Online Casinos this is considerably more money available to be won.

Keno online at is played today in many places and in different online keno offer a variety of factors. Tip-tilted offered by the selected 10 digits of numbers between 1 and 70. Of these 70 numbers are 20 and the intention is that the player’s choice of numbers, as many as possible are among the 20 drawn numbers. Online casino keno games, the value to 20 digits 80: the crowd. However, the odds are so much better that the play is more profitable for the Internet.

Online casino gambling started, select a maximum of 10 digits, after which the selected input size. The most common charges are $ 1, $ 3 or $ 5. By clicking you can see the size of the bet winning. Generally, improve the chances to win the bet at a higher play. Online Casino, you can also select how many times the numbers are automatically in a row. The options are usually available from one to ten.

Interesting facts about Keno

Is tilted 3 535 316 142 212 174 320 different options on how to choose 20 numbers from 80. Many of the threat of players to select the numbers next to each other for any reason, such as 36, 37 or 29 and 30, or numbers that have already occurred once. Many of the Keno game players play in only the numbers which are not encountered in a few revolutions. The underlying idea is that the probabilities of all the numbers will be as much. If a number has not come for some time, that number should soon emerge. In fact, though the number is no memory.

Keno numbers

Live casinos player meets keno and give it to a “runner” who will take the ticket and the player’s bet. Online casino player simply presses the numbers and input into the corresponding buttons. Please note that all live and online casinos do not have the same distribution, so the below mentioned requirements and profit gains do not apply to all casinos. Also note that all the casinos do not offer the full range shown below Keno betting tickets.


  • The game’s objective is to select 20 numbers between 1 and 80 in between the ticket or the screen. You win if your number hit. Winnings depend on the type of ticket, the amount of numbers you play, Keno, and the distribution of profits by the amount of the casino.
  • Basic Ticket: This flag can usually choose the desired number of 2 and 15 number in the range (minimum and maximum amounts may vary by casino) and place a single wager on all chosen numbers. The more hits, the better the odds. If a player chooses only 2 digits, they both must fall in order to win – if you select 3 numbers and 2 hits, winning less.
  • Chapter 20 of the ticket: This ticket is played as the basic ticket, except that the player has to choose 20 numbers. With more than 15 hit odds are enormous, but the odds are lower.
  • Top / bottom or left / right flag: This type of ticket allows the player to bet on either the upper or lower half, or to the left or right half. If eleven of the chosen numbers hit, the odds are 2:1, an increase of over 11 vehicles found. Some casinos will also win if less than 8 hits.
  • Way-/Split: This ticket can be played in two basic investing a single ticket. For example, a player can choose 10 numbers, and then circle each group of 5 numbers. The same number can also be used in two different groups.
  • Ticket: This ticket can be played in many successive cycles, typically between 2 and 2.000, the same numerals and the stakes.

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