No Deposit Bonus Casino Game

By | August 3, 2020

No deposit bonus is a concept in the gaming world that can simply be translated as free bonus . It is quite common for casinos – not least online – to give away money for free without requiring you as a player to make a certain deposit into your gaming account. This is most commonly used as a kind of welcome bonus. The reason for this free bonus is of course to offer you as a new player on the site an easily accessible introduction to the art of starting to play with real money and to thereby obtain a genuine feeling for the casino in question and its games.

The moment you press the button marked Okay, your no deposit bonus lands on your brand new account. In nine cases out of ten, this is a small sum corresponding to a couple of hundred bucks. No large sums, as I said this deposit usually takes place completely automatically, but on some sites it is required that you withdraw an email to the customer service on the site to get your no deposit bonus. The regulations seem to vary between the different gaming sites. Regardless of which bonus system it is about, the layout always looks the same. You receive money of various denominations as compensation for some form of consideration.

This of course applies to a so-called no deposit bonus as well. Even though it looks like it is free, you will not only get it without a whole range of different requirements being met. One of these requirements is that you must wager the specific bonus a certain number of times to meet the gaming requirements of the gaming site in question before you can start thinking about withdrawing your money. When it’s time to withdraw your cash, a new dilemma suddenly arises. It turns out that you can only withdraw a certain pre-determined maximum amount.

There was nothing about this when you became a member of the site, but still the sign flashes right in front of your nose with its annoying message that you can only withdraw a fraction of your won money. Some gaming sites run a different setup where you are shamelessly asked to deposit a certain amount of money into your account in order to withdraw your no deposit bonus. It is therefore important to keep your eyes peeled so as not to be deceived. Just because it is called a free bonus does not have to mean that you have to take it literally. Free is never free. At least in the casino world.

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