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Roulette comes in several variants
As mentioned, roulette is one of the more action-packed table games in the live casino. Today, the technical level is so high that the ball’s path to the right compartment can be seen from several different camera angles. In live roulette, there are usually three different types of bets in the form of internal bets, external bets and racetrack. The most common is to choose external investments. Then it is played on red/black, odd/even, high/low or dozen. With internal bets, you bet on the different numbers that are on the roulette table. Bet on a single number or several adjacent numbers.

Racetrack means that it has invested in different combinations of numbers. There are four options and by choosing one of these you can see which numbers they are betting on. Thus, the player does not need to have the respective number for each option in his head. French, European and American roulette are the three types of roulette available. Then each individual type can have several different variants. This means that there is a very stable range of roulette. Our recommendation is to choose French or European roulette. In American roulette, there is an extra green slot. This gives the house an even greater advantage. The other two have a green compartment where the bullet can end up. In French roulette, there is the La Partage rule, which means that the player gets back half the bet if the ball lands on the green zero.

Baccarat is the casino game with the best chance of winning
Baccarat has long been the most popular game, but now it is also starting to make an impact, on Europe and the rest of the world. The game has some similarities with Blackjack, but instead of 21, it is important to get the number 9. In Baccarat, an amount that is double digits will remove the first number. For example, two 9s are not 18 but 8. What makes Baccarat unique is that it is possible to bet that the house will win and not just the player himself. This is why the game is also called Punto Banco where Punto refers to the player and Banco to the bank. Keep in mind, however, that the player must pay a fee, also called a rake, to the house of 5 percent if he plays for the bank to win and that is the outcome. This is in all options except No Commission Blackjack which removed this rule.

Baccarat is also available in versions where different side bets are allowed. These can be Player Bonus, Banker Bonus, Either Pair and Perfect Pair or Choice of Roads. Just like other live casino games, Baccarat is also available in many different variants and a large part of the game is so much appreciated is the house’s very low advantage, the lowest of all casino games.

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