Live Casino Bonuses 2021

By | August 24, 2021

Live Casino games are not always covered by normal deposit bonuses; sometimes they are completely excluded from using the bonus. When redeeming normal deposit bonuses, you should always first look at the terms and conditions that bind them. This way, you can choose exactly the kind of bonuses that will also benefit you when playing at the Live Casino. For example, Bet safe offers new players a 100% deposit bonus that can be worth € 250. It can also be used on the live Casino side, but live games contribute only 20% to the recycling, offers several different package options, one of which is aimed only at the live casino – it allows you to pick up cash prizes worth up to €1000.

Sometimes sites again offer bonuses that are specifically targeted to the live side. These can include, for example, Reload bonuses or even cash refunds. Cash refunds work by bringing you back a certain percentage of the stakes you lost during the week. Offers can also be campaign-type and tied to an upcoming celebration or the current season, for example. Live casino bonuses bring a nice extra kick to the game, so you should always take advantage of them when they are available.

Live Casino bonuses, like all bonuses received from casinos in general, include certain terms and conditions. First, to redeem them, you will need to deposit the minimum amount of money stated by the casino. Normally this amount varies between 15-25 euros. There is always an upper limit for the bonus, for larger deposits the bonus is no longer accrued. This limit can vary greatly, from 100 euros to thousands of euros. After redeeming the bonus, the essential terms are related to the redemption. This means that you must play a certain amount of bonus money in casino games before you can cash out their winnings. Usually the recycling requirement is 25-40 times, but exceptions are seen in both directions. The redemption must be completed within a certain period of time, or the bonus and any winnings from it will lapse.

The popularity of Live Casino among players is enhanced by the fact that the games played there are often strategy-based. This means that you will be able to influence how your lucrative gaming moment will be with your own choices and decisions. Strategies are, of course, only part of the game, and the lucky one always puts in their own ways. At Live Casino, it’s a good idea to try different strategies, as you can keep a notebook and possible help tables next to you. In blackjack, for example, this is a big advantage. In poker, the importance of the psychological eye is so great that when playing online, the strategy needs to be honed a little more analytically. In roulette, strategies focus on betting and thereby better budget management – roulette is a game based entirely on luck, so the outcome of its round cannot be influenced.

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