Casino History

Casino History: The conquest of gambling software in the world of live casinos began in the mid-1970s. Program-based slot machines have replaced traditional electromechanical one-armed robbers. These slot machines were excellent examples of computer data processing and computer graphics. The only thing missing was the option for different computers to access saved games and applications on the server by connecting to a common server.

Casino History – The Internet Era

This problem was solved in the early 1990s – when the Internet became widely available. Users at home could connect to the Internet with their own computers and send messages to other users connected to the Internet. The possibility of online casino implementation occurred in 1994. The people of the tiny island of Antigua and Barbuda passed a “free trade zone” law, which allowed the state to allow gambling and issue gambling licenses. It was then that the first online gambling law was published. Antigua and Barbuda is still one of the most popular casino and respected states with a gaming and gambling legal system today.

Casino History – the first Microgaming online casino

Microgaming pioneered the unification of the three main mechanisms. Microgaming – a recognized software development company based in the Isle of Man – was established in 1994. In relation to casino history, Microgaming was the first company to create online casino software, however, it lacked one essential component needed to create a fully-fledged interactive casino.

And this key factor is none other than the ability to conduct financial transactions securely via the Internet.

Casino History – Cryptologic – successor to Microgaming

This missing piece was developed by Cryptologic, an online security company founded in Ireland in 1995. They created the first eCash applications for online casino games. Actually, Cryptologic was the first to combine the whole package and in 1996 the first online casino was created – InterCasino. From then on, there was no stopping the online casino industry and it conquered not only the American, Asian, and Australian markets, but also the European one, including the  one, and even gained ground in Africa.

According to Becséles, in 2006 there were nearly 2,300 interactive gaming websites, including the websites of online casinos, online poker rooms and online bookmakers, whose total revenue reached 15 billion dollars.

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