Growing Future for the Online Casino Industry

New research on online casino games published by iGaming Business magazine predicts this sector will grow by 80% by 2015.

The report, titled The Global Business of Online Casinos, is one of the most comprehensive documents regarding the future of online gambling.
The remote gaming industry has experienced a strong boom. The sudden opening and liberalization of online games is linked to the global economic recession that has pushed the authorities of various countries to find new solutions to fill empty state coffers.
The report estimates that by the end of the year, the global online gambling industry will reach a turnover of 4.7 billion dollars. At the end of 2012, this figure will rise to 5.8 billion to reach 7.1 billion in 2015.
This report, in addition to highlighting the development trends of the market, traces the history of this industry and provides statistics on some companies operating in this market.
According to the research, the average cost of starting an online casino is around 1.5 million dollars, while the costs for launching a land-based casino start at 300 million dollars and up.
Furthermore, numerous non-gambling brands, such as media companies, find the online casino market increasingly attractive and profitable and attempt to expand their offering with this type of content.

The development of social networking sites, various applications, and smartphones are encouraging many operators to integrate new technologies into their marketing strategy to attract and retain customers.

Online casino: how to find the right promotion

Online casinos are famous for the generosity of their offers and promotions; however, players should carefully go through the bonus terms and conditions to ensure that they have made the choice that best suits their gaming preferences. As there are more and more online casinos out there, the numerous offers stun players and make it difficult to choose. Reading the terms and conditions is the best advice we can give to players looking for profitable recreation.

No deposit online casinos have a strong appeal to players. These sites offer free bonuses to new customers to encourage them to join their casino. In this case, the player should pay attention to the restrictions on withdrawing funds, foreseen in the terms of the offer. Many inexperienced players have fallen in wait.

Numerous online casinos offer players free deposits and free spins as a welcome sign. Players receive small amounts of cash as a gift for playing the games right away. While free spins do not require a deposit to be made in advance, players should keep in mind that a small deposit may be required in order to request a withdrawal. While there is no question as to the benefits of online casino promotions, never forget to read the bonus requirements to get a good deal.

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