New online casinos have reappeared like mushrooms in the rain, which is a great thing for players. With so much to choose from, it may be wise to use discretion as to which new online casinos to open a gaming account with. There are many things to consider, but to make the decision easier, I will go through the criteria that you should pay attention to in your selection.

  • Check the Online Casino Gaming License it also determines the tax exemption / exemption of winnings.
  • Choose the online casino with the best bonuses and the most favorable bonus terms for players.
  • Pay attention to the range of games both the number and variety of games at


The gaming license is usually the first thing I check out at a new online casino. Namely, it tells about the reliability and security of the casino and whether or not you have to pay taxes on your winnings. Personally, I mainly choose casinos licensed by the MGA, the Malta Gaming Authority and so do other gambling anchors. Both security and tax exemption are guaranteed.

Bonuses and their Terms

The best online casinos also have the best bonuses. I recommend paying particular attention to whether bonuses are also available for old players. The terms and conditions should be read carefully and special attention should be paid to the following issues. What is the bonus redemption requirement and within what time frame? Is there a profit ceiling, ie a maximum amount, for the winnings available with bonuses?

Game Selection

The selection of games in the new online casino should be checked in advance. Most casinos have a wide variety of gambling games at , and there are a lot of slot games in almost every casino. Especially if you like slightly rarer types of games, check to see if they can be found at that casino. At the same time, make sure games are available from your favorite game producer if you happen to have one.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs reward gaming at the casino and can bring very good bonuses and other benefits. On the other hand, they are tied to the casino, because then it makes sense to focus on your own gaming. So it’s a double-barreled question whether to choose a casino with a loyalty program. At the very least, it should not lead to an incentive to play over funds.

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