Casino with Bankid

By | October 16, 2021

Bankid is the same as e-identification and a technology that makes it possible to identify oneself online in connection with among financial transactions. It almost does not need to be explained today because about seven million use bankid regularly. How bankid is applied is constantly changing, however, and an interesting development right now is that casinos with bankid have become something very large in the market. A bankid casino is fast, user friendly and secure. A winning concept simply.Someone that the gaming inspectorate was very careful with when the new licensing system came into force was that you should be able to log in and register at casinos in a smooth way while verifying your identity. Bankid simply lives up to it. It is a stated requirement for casinos with a license that it must be possible to make transfers with bankid. Sometimes it is possible to use bankid at foreign casinos, but it is not as common as it is at casinos.

Before the casino reform, starting to play at a casino was a process that could take quite a long time. First, you filled out an application and uploaded various documents. Then you often had to supplement with more information and someone at the casino went through everything and approved you. Then you made a deposit. Sometimes it could take several days before the money was in your casino account.Today, when you use bankid, you can deposit money and register at a new casino at the same time. What used to take a week now runs in a minute. It has changed the way people play at casinos today. It is not as natural to have one or a couple of casinos that you are loyal to, but many people play on a large number of sites in parallel because it is so quick to get started. Another advantage of this is that you can take advantage of more welcome bonuses. One can actually say that the concept of casino with bankid has meant a small revolution in the industry. We play differently at the casino today thanks to this technology.

Previously, you registered by uploading id documents to the casino. It can be a risk to share sensitive information online, even if you trust the person you are sharing the information with. However, using bankid when logging in is completely secure. It also means that you have a higher degree of anonymity towards the casino and that your registration does not need to be reviewed and approved by the casino’s staff. This is one of the main reasons why so many people like bankid casino. Virtually all new casinos have bankid today.Various forms of bankid have existed for many years. Still, it is quite new to talk about casino with bankid as a concept. Why is it only now that it has made a serious impact on casinos? To some extent, this is because the gaming inspectorate likes bankid casinos. But that is not the whole truth.

Another of the most important explanations is that a innovation in financial technology is now used in combination with bankid. We are talking about the billion success trustly that has taken the banking world by storm! Trustly is a program that allows transactions to and from regular bank accounts to be completed much faster. In the past, transfers with bankid were one of the slowest ways to send and receive money. Now it’s one of the fastest! Bankid and trustly are simply a radar pair that quickly made a very big impact. If you play at a casino with bankid, you are almost guaranteed that your deposits and withdrawals will be able to be made quickly and easily.

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