Casino Dealer Dream Job

By | January 22, 2021

If you love gambling, it may seem that being a casino dealer is the best job in the world. You’ll only be playing games you love on the other side of the table – which means you’ll win more often than you’re used to. Of course, you can’t keep the prize, but the casino pays you, doesn’t it. Plus, you’ll get tips from grateful players, and when someone wins the big jackpot, you’ll be in the middle of the action. And as more and more gambling companies appear on the market, qualified dealer locations are still available.

But despite the initial surge of excitement, you may feel that you may not like some of the factors of this job and should consider them carefully. So if you are just deciding whether to pay for the course of dealing in blackjack , spinning roulette casino and all the skills that good dealers must have, read this you will find all the necessary information in it. This is probably the biggest question of each of us, no matter what job we are interested in, including the casino dealer the answer to this question is ambiguous.

First of all, you have to understand that the basic salary that the casino will pay you for handing out poker, blackjack and other casino games is absolutely minimal. In the beginning, you can even receive a little over crowns per hour. As soon as you gain some experience and register with your employer as a reliable employee, this salary can easily increase to 80 to 100 crowns per hour. According to the labor office, the dealer’s net salary is approximately per month. But we all know that dealers can earn real money on tips.

The details of how much the dealer can earn on average, including tips and any other casino benefits, vary widely. In some places you can earn around thousand a month on tipping alone, in some places even more. However, some casinos tip dealers or give them only a portion. The tipping hourly wage can be increased by a few tens of crowns, but also by hundreds of crowns. How much it will actually be, of course, depends on how busy they are, what games they give away and how generous the players are. And if you don’t want to give away poker, but rather learn to play it, then read the instructions to start playing poker.

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