Casino Bonuses

By | October 16, 2021

We have a gaming team that dictates in fairly strict terms what type of casino bonuses may be used at online casinos . The biggest limitation is that a gaming company with a license may only issue one casino bonus per player. If the company has several casinos, you can only get a welcome bonus or a registration bonus at one of them. The other big limitation is how much you can get in bonuses. For large parts of 2021, 100 was the maximum amount. However, the limit has changed since the casino legislation came into force in 2019 and can be changed again.

Bonuses may be small, but that does not actually mean that they are bad. Often a casino bonus on a site has conditions that make it really attractive compared to other bonuses. Being able to offer casino bonuses that feel reasonable for the players despite the Gaming Inspectorate’s rules is a challenge for gaming companies. Something we see now is that many in the industry are working to develop a casino bonus that creates value for you as a player without equaling a value in money. Namely, it is precisely casino bonuses that are worth real money that only work to a limited extent when a casino with a bonus complies with the gaming law. A completely different type of casino bonus that we believe will become common in the future is linked to the concept of gratification. So features at a casino that will motivate you to play right there.

It can be about the casino being shaped as a world you are slowly exploring and where more and more content becomes available as you go. When we compare bonuses, there are a couple of things we always look at, so that you can quickly compare different bonuses with each other. First and foremost, it’s about how big a casino bonus you can get. It is also interesting to report how big that bonus is in relation to your own bet. A 200% casino bonus means that you get what you put in + 200%. A 400% casino bonus gives your deposit + 400%. To be able to assess how good an offer is, you also need to know what conditions need to be met before you can collect the bonus, or winnings you have made with your bonus money. All bonuses have some form of condition and to be good at comparing bonuses you need to learn what the conditions mean.

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