Bonus Money and Free Spins

By | October 8, 2021

We have listed above the online casinos from which you get the most free spins without the need for a spin. No one has anything against it if it is possible to redeem benefits that do not need to be recycled. As long as you register at the casino, make the necessary deposit, play the rounds you earn and cash out any winnings from the rounds directly in cash. It can’t get any easier to play. We have selected online casinos for this list that offer normal first depositor benefits bonus money and free spins. Of course, we only qualified for places where the welcome offer includes plenty of free tours. So called match bonuses are often the most popular, as they know with certainty how much bonus money is promised when making a deposit of a certain amount. In the example above, you could at best redeem € 200 in play money.

When receiving free spins when depositing, the player has to think a little about the value of the advantage and suddenly the amount may remain a mystery. Although, of course, some kind of estimate is obtained by calculating the computed value of the free spins. The value of free spins is often 0.10 euros each, and if you get 200 rounds, then their calculated value is about 20 euros. As a rule of thumb, the more rounds available, the more generous the free round package.

It is also a good idea to always check for which games the rounds are awarded, whether the round bet is limited and whether the casino has set a payout limit for the free spins.In particular, offers for a limited time only often include free spins on games from one of the most popular game manufacturers. If you have favorite game manufacturers and would like to redeem rounds for the games they just made, you may want to post it on our casino forum. We will be scanning the market offerings and will be happy to add casinos to our lists if free spins on games from that manufacturer are available.

In addition, one of the criteria we have is that casinos are sure to deliver what they promise in their ads. Meaning, for example, that a player receives free spins without a deposit if it is mentioned in the welcome offer. And that the other conditions mentioned in the offer are also true. Usually cheating players does not go far but honest action is what carries. Word is circulating and online casinos are losing their players before long. You should check out the Trusted Online Casinos section of our website for more information on this topic.

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