By | October 24, 2018

If you beat the dealer in blackjack strategies and other learning card counting techniques. Do not play the blame game when you lose. A professional blackjack player is nobody to blame for their loss. Ultimately, we know that casinos always attract players because they have a better advantage over all games. Ultimately, we know that in the long run if we keep playing, we will lose. However, in the short time we spent in the casinos, we have the opportunity to win big and win, we will!

As professionals, we are learning the game and basic blackjack strategy and ensure that the table we sat has the advantage of a better home victory. We trained and trained in basic strategy and expect the same from other players. But when we entered the casino, our logic, we begin to lose, and we let the emotions are in. Sometimes when trends change, and we lose, we find it difficult to swallow, and we want to find something or someone to blame.

In a blackjack table, distributed the first seat of the dealer’s cards is known as a first baseman. Third base is the final distributor. Normally, unfortunately, is the player who is to blame for third base because the trader opened a natural blackjack or not break 21 and beat most players. So many players want to see if the third baseman playing correct basic strategy. Many times, we see that the heated debates and arguments of the players caused the failure of the latest blackjack player, because evil tendencies.

We must understand that the player is actually the game looks for yourself, not the third base. The problem with this is that they do not remember when the third goal made them lose. You forgot when the player saves. Was unexpected players, we find that curiously played the card counter. Worse, the card counter will never tell you counting cards and sometimes, if you’re wondering why. What made against the rules of basic strategy?

Note that all players play with their money, not yours. There is no way you are going to dictate how to play. If you do not really like this player, you can always get up and go to another table and keep your strategy and try to beat the dealer. Do not make the trip to the casino a bad experience to criticize others for their loss. How to beat the dealer at blackjack then it should be logical to see the game and always leave the casino a winner, no matter what!

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