Basic Blackjack Strategy

The basic Blackjack Strategy is a great way to play your hand when you are not counting your cards. The strategy is guided by computer simulations in which a computer processes millions of hands, plays them every possible way, records and analyzes the results. Basic strategy is not based on guesswork or intuition. This is the mathematically correct way to play a hand against each dealer’s up card.

What do you get from Basic Strategy?

The casino’s initial edge on the blackjack game is around 5.75%, which includes the player’s blackjack payout of 3 to 2. Using the correct basic strategy game can reduce your casino advantage to around 0.5%. Win Knights at Arthurian Casino

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Casino Initial Advantage 5.75 D44 Correct Hits and Standings -3.25 D44 Correct Doubling -1.5 D44 Correct Pair Splits -0.5 – Sino Advantage on Basic Strategy 0.5 D

44 Of course, it is possible to keep the casino advantage below 0.5% by playing the game with very favorable rules. One of his best blackjack games is offered at Slots-A-Fun casino in Las Vegas. Here we are dealing with a single deck game where the dealer stands on soft 17 and doubles down after a pair split is allowed. Basic strategy players have a slight advantage over casinos in this game (approximately 0.1%)

Basic game strategy is slightly dependent on the number of decks of cards. Therefore, the basic strategy for a one-deck game is slightly different than for a six-deck game. For simplicity, the table below summarizes basic strategy rules that can be used for any number of decks.

To use the table, move up to find the dealer’s up card, then move down the first row to find your hand. Where the row and column intersect you’ll find the correct basic strategy play. The strategy assumes that doubling after pair splitting is allowed (see bottom of chart for deviations if doubling after pair splitting is not allowed).

Generic Basic Strategy



D=double down

P=pair split


X/Y=Do X if allowed, otherwise do Y

If the dealer hits soft 17, then double down on 11 against dealer’s ace, double down on soft 19 against the dealer’s 6, double down on soft 18 agaist a dealer’s 2, and surrender hard 15, hard 17, and a pair of 8’s against a dealer’s ace. For European Rules casino, (dealer does not take a down card until players complete their hands and all players doubles down and split bets are lost to a dealer blackjack) do not split or double down against a dealer’s ace, do not double down against a dealer 10, and do not split a pair of 8’s against a dealer’s 10.

Using the information in the table, how would you play this hand. You hold 2,2 and the dealer’s upcard is a 6. Go upstairs and find the dealer’s 6-up card. Go down the first row under the player’s hand and find 22. There is a P at the intersection of rows and columns

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